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Qi Heating Pad


Tennis Elbow, Knee Pain, Stomach Cramps…this little heat pad has you covered at home and on the go.

Product Description

The Qi-Point Heating Pad is an ideal solution for the reduction of muscle spasms, muscle tension and joint stiffness. Thermal far infrared (FIR) technology penetrates deeper into the muscle tissue delivering nutrients and oxygen to cells, aiding in the removal of cell waste and promoting the healing process. The Qi-Point Heating Pad penetrates far infrared heat deep under the skin and can stimulate acupuncture points to relieve painful muscle tension and pain. The convenient heating pad can easily be applied to the body to promote healing from chronic pain or as preventative therapy.• Lightweight and flexible design conforms to the body• Uses superior far infrared (FIR) technology – a proven form of heat therapy that works more efficiently and effectively than traditional heating techniques• Increases metabolism for rapid pain relief while increases blood circulation• Easy-to-use device powers on using USB connection or AC/DC adaptor• Great for both chronic pain or as preventative therapy:- Abdomen- Shoulder- Knee

– Lower Back

– Wrist

• Designed from 100% carbon fiber fabric which in itself is an electrically conductive material that naturally emits infrared energy to support therapeutic applications

• Hydrogel pad can be reused (single-patient) and is non-toxic. Replace pad after 70-100 uses

• Suitable to use on patients that have sensitive skin

• Smart temperature control with 30 minute auto shut-off for safety

Technical Details

• Temperature Range
– Low Heat – 108ºF
– Medium Heat – 113ºF
– High Heat – 118ºF
• Wrap Dimensions: 6.3” x 3”
• Voltage: 5V ses



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