Product Description

Sleek, elegantly simple, yet still affordable, the ErgoBasic Soft Foam offers a critical mix of adjusting features that is praised by many practitioners. A tilt headpiece and Accelerator™III pelvic drop come standard. Optional extras include various headpieces, featuring operation of tilt, an adjustable face opening, forward drop, elevation and toggle drop. Gas-spring-powered pelvic elevation is another option, allowing you to effortlessly put patients into passive flexion. The ErgoBasic is also available in firm foam.

ErgoBasic Soft Foam Features:

  • Height Range: 18” – 24”
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Tilt Headpiece
  • Accelerator™III Pelvic Drop
  • Unitized Steel Frame
  • Seamless Cushions
  • Paper Roll Holder and Cutter
  • Shipped Fully Assembled