Compact Portable Stretch Barre

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  • Portable Barre Total Clinic Solutions
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Compact Portable Stretch Barre


Tired of using the stair banister as your at home dance barre?  This is a perfect solutions at a great price.

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Product Description

If you desire a workout that can keep you mobile while encompassing a combination of strength, flexibility and endurance then try a ‘Barre Workout’ with the Compact Physique Barre. This ‘Studio Quality’ barre is suitable for dance and exercise whether at home or in a professional environment. Whether developing upper body strength with modified pull-ups or performing pre and post exercise stretching, this barre is for the dancer or fitness enthusiast in us all. A ‘Must Have’ item if you need to take your Barre Workout on the road.


  • Pre Work-Out Stretching to Elongate and Warm Up the Muscles
  • Post Work-Out Stretching to Elongate Muscles from the Contracted Condition and Reduce Muscle Stiffness
  • Traditional Barre Work-Out for Toning Legs and Core
  • Stretching Elongates Muscle Groups
  • Ballet Instruction
  • Modified Pull-Ups for Upper Body Strength
  • For Use at Home, School or Professional Studio
  • Stretch the Muscles of the Back to Increase Flexibility and Help to Prevent Injury
  • Stretch the Lower Torso and Open the Hips to Prevent Straining the Back During Training
  • Hurdle Stretches for Runners, Track Athletes and Ball Athletics
  • Modified Hanging Stretches for the Shoulders, Upper Chest and Triceps for Strength Athletes, Gymnasts and Participants in Swinging Sports (ie. Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, etc.)


  • 6 Height Adjustments: 33″ – 55″
  • Dual Locking Pop Pins with Internal Safety Bolts Securely Maintains Barre Height
  • Perpendicular Stanchion/Leg Design for Stability
  • Bar Length 60″
  • Bar Circumference 5�
  • Barre Base Beams 24� Length w/ Heavy Rubber Supports
  • Elegant Powder Coated Finish
  • Perfect for Dance, Stretching or Exercise
  • Set-Up Dimensions: 60 x 25 x 33-55
  • Net Weight: 41 lbs.


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