Cervical Posture Pump Disc Hydrator

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Cervical Posture Pump Disc Hydrator


Spending to much time looking down at your computer or texting?  Need to restore the natural curve in your neck?

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Product Description

Posture Pumps manufactured by Posture Pro gradually lift, stretch and separate the neck and back joints into their proper curved shape. As the spine is stretched and curved over uniquely angled air cells of the Posture Pumps, compression is removed from the discs and nutrient-rich fluid can now be absorbed into the joints. Various body positions can force the spine out of its natural curved shape, causing disc compression and loss of joint lubrication. Dry joints wear unevenly, age rapidly and become stiff and painful. The Posture Pumps are a revolutionary patented breakthrough that counteracts this common problem.

Posture Pumps are personal health devices designed to stretch the neck and spine. Using the Posture Pumps to limber up your vertebrae may result in a healthier spine. Since the Posture Pumps are hand operated, you control the pace of the device. As Dr. Richard Graham, inventor of the Posture Pump states, “Improperly shaped, non-mobile spines are the clogged arteries of the future.” Preventitive measures today may save pain and greif tomorrow.

Posture Pro Posture Pumps are designed to treat specific areas of the spine and neck or the entire spine. The first model is the Cervical Disc Hydrator that is used as a Neck Posture Pump. An Elliptical Back Rocker is used for a Lower Back Posture Pump. Posture Pro also manufactures two Full Spine Posture Pumps, one is manual while the other is electrically pumped.

Patented up and down motion promotes disc lubrication and joint nutrition.
Dramatically reinforces the cervical curve.
Lightweight, portable, easy to operate and travel.
Beautifully crafted, made in the USA and built to last

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