Product Description

Medically proven and FDA Cleared. DRUG-Free and PAIN-Free.

Aklarus Phototherapy System Features

  • Drug-Free, Pain-Free Treatment for Acne, Photodamaged Skin & Wrinkles
  • All-in-one unit, Blue 420nm, Red 628nm & Infrared 880nm wavelengths
  • Simultaneous operation of two (2) wavelengths at one time
  • Control box with timer
  • Portable rolling cart
  • FDA Cleared
  • One-year warranty on all parts

Red and Blue Combination for Acne and Photodamaged Skin
Aklarus Blue and Red Combination System is an effective, drug-free alternative for treating acne & photodamaged skin. The non-invasive Aklarus treatment has been shown to significantly reduce inflammatory acne lesions. The narrow band blue light destroys the P. Acne bacteria while the Red light penetrates deeper stimulating cellular mechanisms responsible for tissue repair and regeneration.Infrared and Red

Combination for Anti-Aging
Aklarus Anti-Aging Infrared and Red Combination System is used to treat wrinkles & photodamaged skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and increasing the amount of dermal elastic fibers.

Treatment Protocol
The typical course of treatments for acne or wrinkles lasts 4 weeks with 8 total treatments. It may be necessary to have some additional maintenance treatments for acne (typically once a month).