Get Top Rated Used Chiropractic Equipment

The rising demand for chiropractic care as people begin seeking more natural methods of healing, can be a struggle for new and expanding practices to keep up with the demand, so many physicians choose to purchase pre-owned equipment as a cost saving effort.  This is only cost saving if you buy the equipment form someone who has taken the equipment and restored it to pristine condition.
Many doctors hear about pre-owned equipment and get nervous and concerned because they have had a colleague who has bought a piece of equipment that was less than adequate.  Total Clinic Solutions has 17 years of equipment reconditioning and refurbishing experience so when we provide you with a piece of pre-owned equipment you are getting equipment that has been reconditioned to our high standards.
We provide you with only the highest quality reconditioned tables and equipment and we accomplish this by using factory parts or in the instance that the manufacture is no longer in business we have manufactured replacement parts to meet our high demands.  Once you have placed your order with us our trained technicians go to work repairing, rebuilding, painting, and upholstering your equipment to your requested specifications.
If you are looking for a specific piece of pre-owned equipment and you don’t see it listed on our sight please send us an email or give us a call.  We have a high turn over of pre-owned equipment so your desired piece of equipment may be in our warehouse and may not have yet made it to the website.