We know that as a chiropractor you have devoted yourself to giving your patients the best care possible and Total Clinic Solutions has devoted ourselves to be the place you go for expert advice on chiropractic tables and equipment.


Buying a new chiropractic table is easy but buying a new chiropractic table that perfectly suits the needs of your practice and budget is a different story.


The list of questions a doctor faces is long…what brand should I buy…what features do I need…do I need manual or automatic…do I need flexion or distraction…do I need new or used…is there a table that is requires more maintenance than another…what is the advantage of having the  elevation option…is hi/lo an option that is needed…will this table meet the demands of my high traffic practice…does this equipment qualify for a tax credit…and the list goes on and on and on.


Total Clinic Solutions is proud to offer our doctors with our vast knowledge of answers to all these questions and more. We have made sure to  partner with companies who have been the main stays in the Chiropractic profession for years as well as recognizing new companies who are bringing advanced technology and features to help you be more efficient and productive with the office space and staff you have in your practice.  We are always looking for new companies that offer items that have unparalleled quality and features to aid our doctors in the care of their patients.


So give us a call and relax let us use our expert advise on chiropractic tables guide you thru one of the most important equipment selection processes you and your practice have to make.  Once your selection has been made we will make sure that the manufacture has each of your specifications done just as you desired.


So give us a call or send us an email so we can assist you in this exciting time of your practice.