Axial Motion Headpiece from Hill Labs

This Axial-Motion Headpiece is highly recommended to improve patient comfort with the ability to unlock the headpiece to move in an axial motion.

This is available for most chiropractic tables that Hill Laboratories offers.


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Stationary Tables

Stationary tables are the main stay adjusting table for many chiropractic offices.  Many people confuse a stationary table with an adjusting bench but they are not the same an adjusting bench is a fixed height tale that may or may not offer a tilting headpiece but that is the extent of options for an adjusting […]

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Tables Tables and More Tables What’s a DC To Do?

I have seen many doctors arrive at the happy day when they get to start their own practice and watch the culmination of all their hard work turn into the realization of their dream.  However this happy time can quickly turn into confusion and frustration when it comes to some very important details.  No I’m […]

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